Ondrej J. Zlabek is based in Prague, Czech Republic since he was born in 1995. As a child, he used to play the trombone for some years. During his teens, O.J. got into blues and soon started to play the harp. At first he played with his supportive cousin Hans Bricks, Jiri Marsicek and other friends interested in blues. Soon after, he became a regular guest of blues jam sessions, especially hosted by Rene Trossman in U Maleho Glena. In late 2017 O.J. established his own blues band – Harpriders. On 10th May 2018, the band performed their 1st gig in Blues Sklep. Since that time, you can reach O.J. Zlabek & his Harpriders in many jazz & blues clubs in the city.

Recently O.J. had an opportunity to play with the Chicago blues singer Lorenzo Thompson on his latest album I Got Your Back.

Harpriders Blues Band

Vocals & Harp: O.J. Zlabek

Guitar & Vocals: Jiri Marsicek / Tomas Smetana

Bass: Jan Korinek / Taras Voloshchuk

Drums: Antonin Jina